Beautiful amazing appartments

Today I have another exclusive offer for you – appartments for sale near marbella

First apartment: Apartment decorated in white-beige-black beautiful color

Price: one hundred and seventy thousand euros

Number of rooms: four + kitchen, bathroom

Area: one hundred square meters


When we look at the first apartment, we will be the first to see the first room, which is the living room painted in white-beige black beautiful color, which gives the apartment an elegant impression that looks nice to you. The living room is connected to the kitchen. The kitchen has black tiles. Next to the kitchen is a gray sofa that matches the surrounding furniture. Stairs lead straight up from the living room to take you to the next room. Another room is a bedroom with a large spacious double brown bed. There is also a large wooden wardrobe in the bedroom (it is really big), which most apartments do not have, so it can be an advantage. The bedroom also has a beautiful abstract chandelier, which looks very minimalist. The house also has a bathroom, of course, which is all in white tiles.

Second apartment: Apartment in a really modern style with red pillows

Price: one hundred and fifty thousand euros

Number of rooms: three + kitchen and bathroom

Area: one hundred square meters


The first room is the living room, which is entirely decorated in a wooden style. The living room has a gray sofa with distinctive red and green pillows. Right next to the living room is a kitchen, which is painted in gray-beige. The apartment also has a bathroom, painted in light gray with a shower and toilet. There is also a guest room with very comfortable seats and a special abstract yellow-gray design. Opposite the seats are coffee tables and the whole apartment looks majestic. From the window we can see the view of the surroundings and nature. As the last room here we can see a bedroom with a big gray nice bed.